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Board Conversion Kits 36pin/10pin  

also available in usb


Stand Up Kiosk

Slim Line (sit down)

Fat Boy (sit down)

Bar Top Line

Web Solutions


Designed for  the “Skill Arcade” and “Adult Game Room” markets.  Our web and Server based solutions are designed to run on computer systems.  This creates a more affordable cost per station and allows for the use of all our software gaming titles.  All our software suites and game titles are designed to operate with the use of a server or through a Web based link.  US Skill Games has over 40 game titles, 2 community styled Jackpots, Progressive jackpots in each game, and offers dual screen display options.  Leading edge gaming technology brings full HD 1080p, 3D, and 2D gaming with full animated graphics and top performing mathematics puts you years ahead of the competition.  With full remote reporting and manager controls, the operator can have all the information of their location in real time, from your android phone or PC, while the POS system provides a complete diagnostic of all reports and player activity.  Designed for rooms running 20-200 game terminals, US Skill Games brings the technology and game titles that rival all competitors in todays market.   

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