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   US SKILL GAMES has gone above and beyond the call of Due Diligence standards in developing “Predominant Skill” software to be fully compliant with Pennsylvania’s State Legislation. Skill based gaming in The Keystone State has come under great scrutiny and heavy fire over the last half a decade. With clearer than ever definitions in todays’ legislation, it is important to integrate levels of skill into the game that does not intimidate or deter the player, but at the same time complies with the definitions of the law. 

    US Skill Games has developed a new platform that clearly passes all of the compliance stipulations in Pennsylvania, and some. By combining “Predominant Skill”, (Which stands legally on its own in this market) with the “No Chance” feature creates a new dynamic where the “Chance Element” is eliminated from the game play, not once, but in two different ways. This is the “Pennsylvania Compliant Skill” configuration.

    Backed by an expert legal and compliance team, US Skill Games has found the perfect balance between skill, entertainment and compliance. When entering into a new territory, it is vitally important to have a legal team who is familiar and experienced with the landscape. 

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