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Community Jackpots are the hottest customer incentive, for a successful Skill arcade.  He whom as the best "Jackpots" has the most successful room!  US Skill Games brings not one, but 2 differently styled community jackpots to the same room, while topping it off with progressive jackpots in each game and the ability to also display all jackpots on a second screen option.  The 4 Tier Community jackpot is displayed on a 40" + 1080p TV and is best pared with a sound bar to bring your room alive!  In addition to the Community Jackpot, is the NINJA mystery jackpot.  The Ninja is an animated character that will randomly appear on the customers screen and award bonus wheels and additional winnings to your customer at their terminal. The NINJA Community Jackpot innovates technology and brings Big entertainment value for the customers.   The NINJA has been proven to capture an audience and keep them in their seat…"Waiting for the NINJA to appear!"


 Jackpot systems are the life blood of Adult Arcades and Game Rooms.   Without the right incentive, customers will tend to gravitate to the location with the most promising “Big Win”. US Skill has set the bar with the ability to integrate the community jackpot directly into the gaming software so that it is fully interactive and progressive.  The ONLY system on the market today offering multiple community & progressive Jackpots with proven success over any competitor jackpot option.  You can choose to display your jackpot on the wall or leave the jackpot displays resident in the games or you can choose to have both and progressive game jackpots too!  Everything you need to succeed from one company; US Skill Games.  Let the NINJA build your bottom line success!

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